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Welcome to Little Blessings!

Hello! I am a working mum with 2 lovely girls and we warmly welcome you to our humble site.

As a young mum, I know how much changes we have to go through in our lives and the journey of parenthood is not easy. It is also an ongoing learning journey that requires loads of patience. While managing and juggling all the different responsibilities, I realized I often forget about taking care of myself as I prioritize them first. I've learnt that my own health and being is just as important to be able to be there for them for as long as I can. I also hope to help all power mummies who are balancing work, health, kids and own interests/hobbies, to be confident and enabled.

My goal is to share:

  • Products that would bring convenience, efficiency and good health to families

  • Different resources to engage with children and help them develop a positive and growth mindset 

  • My love for craft 


I have personally benefited a lot from Susenji & Thermomix. 

  • During Covid, I've put on so much weight when working from home and I always feel very bloated, which makes me unwell. After consuming Susenji Products, I'm losing weight at a steady pace and I no longer feel bloated. It's been amazing and the taste of Susenji Products is great! It is also made with natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, SFA and SFS certified, which makes me feel at ease to consume.

  • I do not know how to cook well and having a Thermomix had transformed my life. I can now prepare meals, bake, make desserts and many more, for my family, without a messy and oily kitchen. Preparing meals at home means I can ensure the quality of ingredients that I choose to use and it's the start of having healthy meals with my family.

I believe there is always something to be thankful for in life and to me, every purchase you make with us is a blessing to us. Hope the purchase will be a blessing for you as well, hence the name "Little Blessings".

More blog pages and customized craft products will be added. Do follow us on Instagram (@xLittle.Blessingsx) for the latest updates.

May you all be blessed with loads of joy and great health!

Thank you!

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